ACTIVITY 1 Mesoamerica: Introduction and Chronology

Lesson Objectives
  1. Students will read John Pohl's Mesoamerica: Introduction and Chronology to learn about Mesoamerica and the characteristics of the PreClassic, Classic and PostClassic periods.
  2. Student will click on the interactive activity and Explore the Mesoamerican World at
  3. Students will write a brief summary in Spanish describing the distinguishing characteristics of each era.
  4. Students will discuss their summaries in class.
  5. Students will be able to locate Mesoamerica on a map and identify the modern nations roughly located in Mesoamerica.
  6. Students will discuss the origins of civilization, plant domestication and the development of agricultural intensification as well as social structure in a Chalk Talk activity.
Introduce the curricular unit The Mesoamerican Ballgame/La Pelota Mesoamericana that will consist of research, oral presentations and a collaborative game with the Physical Education department. (Overview Activity 1)

En Español
La Pelota Mesoamericana Actividad 1 Introducción.doc
Hoja de Organización Actividad 1 Mesoamérica.doc
Hoja de Organización Actividad 1 Introducción y Cronología.docx (created by Carley Weted, BHS 2011)

Summary in Spanish
Chalk Talk
Class discussion

Mesoamerica:Introduction and Chronology by John Pohl Pohl's Introduction.doc,Pohl's Chronology.doc

Additional Activity
Create a classroom timeline
Unit 3 Pre-Columbian Timeline (p. 8)