Guachimontones (MexConnect)

Playing Ulama in Los Llanitos(Luis Ramirez,

The Team (Photo by Kib Hunt)

Playing in Santa Cruz Amilpas Oaxaca (Photo by Kib Hunt)

ACTIVITY 4 Ballgame Video

Watch then discuss a Mesoamerican Ballgame video: Juego de Pelota en Mesoamerica (Fundación Cultural Armella Spitalier), 2006. Be prepared to discuss the origin and development of the game, and the ballgame presence in Mesoamerica and the Mesoamerican world view.

If the video La Pelota Mesoamericana is not available can be used for information and visuals.Then complete the Juega de Pelota Notebook packet.(El Juego de pelota notebook.pdf)

Juego de Pelota en Mesoamerica (Fundación Cultural Armella Spitalier), 2006
The Sport of Life and Death: The Mesoamerican Ballgame,
El Juego de Pelota Notebook prepared by Lynn Fernandez for the NEH Summer Institute 2010, “Mesoamerican Cultures and Their Histories: Spotlight on Oaxaca"


Special thanks to Kib Hunt for the use of pictures taken in Oaxaca, Mexico, July 2010 (Kib Hunt, ESOL Teacher, South Carolina,
and to Lynn Fernandez for the use of El Juego de Pelota Notebook.