Jaina Island, Late Classic Maya, Frank H McClung Museum

ACTIVIDAD 6 Interdepartmental Collaboration

Spanish class and a physical education class will collaborate by sharing information and playing a competitive game of ball. A discussion about team sports, sports and society and sport violence will follow.
The class will:
  1. present an overview of the Mesoamerican Ballgame in English to a physical education class
  2. Instruct and play "pelota mesoamericana"
  3. moderate a discussion about
  • North American football and issues of brutality
  • risk of injury to athletes
  • extreme sports
  • representational art on clothing and memorabilia
  • examples of the importance of sports in society
  • sport themes in literature and film
4. use a Venn diagram to compare and contrast sports in the USA to ancient Mesoamerica (Compare and Contrast Diagram.pdf)

Glyph T177.507hv:178 - pi-tzi-la
Glyph T177.507hv:178 - pi-tzi-la
pi-tzi-la (pitzal) (T177.507hv:178) > adj. "youthful" 2> intr. v. "play ball."
(Go to http://research.famsi.org/montgomery_dictionary/mt_entry.php?id=738&lsearch=p&search=ball to hear the pronunciation and find more ballgame glyphs)
Spanish 4 Honors Slide Show and Information Session Invitation_to_Period_1_Ballgame,_March_11,_2011.jpg