Dr. John Pohl, Oaxaca 2010

ACTIVITY 1 Mesoamerica: Introduction and Chronology

Where is the Mesoamerican culture zone? What are some of the cultural characteristics of Mesoamerica?
  • Read John Pohl's Mesoamerica: Introduction and Chronology to learn about Mesoamerica and the characteristics of the PreClassic, Classic and PostClassic periods (Pohl's Introduction.doc).
  • Demonstrate your understanding of Introduction and Chronology by writing a brief summary in Spanish describing the distinguishing characteristics of each era (Pohl's Chronology.doc).
  • Click on the interactive activity and Explore the Mesoamerican World at
Use an organizational chart to prepare for a class discussion and Chalk Talk in which you are able to:
  • locate Mesoamerica on a map
  • identify the modern nations roughly located in Mesoamerica
  • discuss the origins of civilization
  • discuss plant domestication and the development of agricultural intensification
  • explain the social structure

En Español
La Pelota Mesoamericana Actividad 1 Introducción.doc
Hoja de Organización Actividad 1 Mesoamérica.doc
Hoja de Organización Actividad 1 Introducción y Cronología.docx (created by Carley Weted, BHS 2011)

Mesoamerica:Introduction and Chronology by John Pohl Pohl's Introduction.doc, Pohl's Chronology.doc
Spanish version

Summary in Spanish
Chalk Talk
Class discussion