Dr. Ronald Spores, Mitla, Oaxaca, Mexico


In order to learn more about Mesoamerica and the Mesoamerican Ballgame, you will work in groups to research and prepare oral presentations in Spanish to share with the class. You will share your work in English with a PE class and play a interdepartmental game of Pelota Mesoamericana. (Activity 6)
The class will be divided into 6 groups and each group will select one topic in which to specialize.
  • Ballcourt locations and architecture
  • Representations of the ballgame-figurines, vessels, carved monuments and on murals and codices
  • Religious significance/mythology
  • General information-what we know about the games, history, equipment
  • Legacy of the games: 21st Century ballgames and playing Instructions
  • Dramatization of Lord 8 Deer based on The Legend of Lord Eight Deer: An Epic of Ancient Mexico by John Pohl.
These topics are interrelated and should be integrated in the final presentation. Therefore, in jigsaw fashion, the groups will share information learned during the research process and collaborate on creating slideshow presentations. The dramatization of Lord Eight Deer may be a live performance or video.

The class will discuss research methodology and review the list of sources included in this unit. (Resources)
In addition to the suggested sources there is a list of vocabulary, names and places to be used on a Word Wall that will help you research.(Useful Vocabulary)
We will create a Word Wall of the vocabulary, mini-biographies of the people and mark the sites on the classroom map for you to reference in the classroom.

All students must visit the school library media specialist to discuss resources available in the library that should be consulted along with the online references. List the sources you discussed and have the librarian sign and date the attached sheet Media Specialist Form.doc. Please consider books, magazines, journal articles and The Encyclopedia of Latin American History and Culture.

Before creating the PowerPoint presentation please see me with your research notes. Notes can be comments, lists, ideas, outline or organizational charts. Notes are not highlighted pages.

You will present the information in Spanish to Spanish class and in English to the PE Class. Your presentations should consist of maps, pictures, titles of objects or places and the century or era in which the object was produced. You may refer to notes during your presentation but do not read text off the PowerPoint. Please save all photographs in the Branford High School Sdrive with appropriate references. Use Google Docs for collaboration and creating presentations. An MLA format bibliography, notes, Media Specialist forms and a Reflection are due the day of the presentation.

En Español
La pelota mesoamericana Actividad 5 La Investigación.doc
Investigaciones de La Pelota Mesoamericana En La Biblioteca.doc
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