Ballgame Quiz


Additional Activities

Write an essay in Spanish using the preterite and imperfect tenses to describe your experience as a spectator at a Mesoamerican ball game.

Create a photocollage of Ballgame icons to be used as an assessment of student knowledge, class decoration or trivia game.

Make PowerPoint Jeopardy Game

Draw ballgame glyphs

Decorate the class with Merle Greene Robertson rubbings of Maya ballgame representations

Color drawings from the Schele or Montgomery collection at www.famsi.org, then decorate the classroom.

Illustrate the John Pohl's description of Lord 8 Deer, 4 Jaguar and the high-ranking nobles Introduction

Dramatize the ballcourt scene from the Popol Vuh (Denis Tedlock version)

Take a Field Trip to Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven, CT or the Museum of American Museum of Natural History, New York, NY

Use Google Earth to locate ballcourt sites. ie Monte Alban

Mesotrivia Questions

Who is John Pohl? What are his contributions to Mesoamerican Studies?

What do pulque, maize and chocolate have to do with the ballgame?

Name a famous Mixtec Lord.

Who are the Hero Twins and why are they important

Who is Father Ximenez?

What does Popl Vuh mean?

What is the shape of the special gauntlet used in the game?

What is a Codex?

Name a preColumbian Codex.

Name a post conquest Mixtec codex.

What is a lienzo?